Video Portfolio

My name is Ed. I am a video editor and multimedia designer from New York City, currently living in Montreal. Below you will find some of my video projects that I have completed. Thanks for looking!

Promo Editing Reel
Compilation of my promos and trailers
Cinematography Reel
Collection of my best shooting work
Sound & Music Reel
Collection of my best music & sound work
What is biodiversity?
Short educational video about Earth's biodiversity
The State of California
Trailer for six-part documentary series
Deforestation Explained
Short explainer video
Earth Day 2020
Short promo celebrating Earth Day
What Is Climate Change?
Short promo/documentary about climate change
The Expanse Season 4 Trailer
Unofficial trailer for the Amazon Original
Amazon Silence Your Phones
Prime Video-themed theatre ad
The Expanse Season 4
Official teaser and behind the scenes
Jack Ryan
Season 2 TV30 spot
Unofficial trailer for HBO's mini-series
Promo campaign for Amazon's new action series
MAX Warrior "Strange Times" Tease
Unreleased teaser for Season 1 of Cinemax's "Warrior"
HBO Hold Your Breath 2018 Image
Image spot promoting HBO's 2018 lineup
Amazon Prime Video TCA Sizzle
International series image spot
Viral fan trailer and renewal campaign
FXM Family 2018 Image
Image spot promoting FXM's movie lineup
AMC The Walking Dead Image
Image spot promoting The Walking Dead's S8 premiere
Valley of the Boom
Promo campaign for NatGeo's mini-series
Free Solo
Short promo for National Geographic's documentary
The Expanse Revival Trailer
Fan-trailer for the sci-fi epic series
We Hopeful Few
Original score & soundtrack for animated film
Music video/city montage
Music video/trip montage
The Martian
Sound redesign exercise
Embrace Challenge
Short documentary about parkour
Blade Runner: More Human
Short fan film
Frederic Chopin
Feature-length theatre production
Hustle Town
Short documentary about a dance group
Short documentary about woodworking
Kirill Ulanovskiy
Short music video of a classical guitar performance
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