In 2017, I cut several spots for National Geographic's 6-episode mini series 'Valley of the Boom'. The series tells the stories of three companies in 1990s Silicon Valley and explores the hectic gold rush that was the dot-com boom.
In addition to the three spots featured below, I also cut some of the topicals for the show. This was a very fun campaign to work on as the promos had to match the show's hectic and fast-paced style. If you're a fan of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' and are feeling nostalgic, I'd highly recommend checking out this fun show.
The first spot, 'The Internet', is a general promo for the show that National Geographic aired on and off-channel throughout the promotional period.
This following promo focuses on one of the three companies explored in the show, Netscape, and their struggle against the tech giant Microsoft.
This piece was commissioned to promote NatGeo's limited offer to stream the first two episodes for free.

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