Exile is a short music video I created with footage I shot in my home town of Sumy, Ukraine in the Summer of 2017. I wanted to create a unique atmosphere and show my city in an ambiguous light, featuring both beautiful scenery and the more "forgotten" parts of the town. This was shot around the same time as my Moments video, but my goal was to create a contrasting style to the more lively European montage.
This was the first time I seriously delved into color grading. I wanted to create a consistent color scheme that supports the atmosphere I was going for while shooting this video. I also tried to go for an old "film" look, but unfortunately the custom grain I added did not survive Vimeo compression very well, so it is hard to spot. I used DaVinci Resolve for the first time while grading this, a program I will definitely continue using for color work in the future.
Exile is probably the most personal project I've created so far, and the closest I've come to "expressing" myself (that's what all the cool kids are doing, right?). The music, atmosphere, shot composition and color were closely tailored to what I was feeling and imagining during my stay in Sumy this summer, and I hope I succeeded in getting those feelings across.
Music is Exile by Subject Lost.

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