This is an unofficial trailer I produced for HBO's Chernobyl to express my gratitude to the production and my interpretation of the series. Granted, I had not seen the final episode while I produced it, which is likely to have changed my creative direction. Nevertheless, I am very proud of this piece, which also features an original music arrangement that I put together for the trailer using various sound elements.
When I discovered that HBO was producing a TV mini-series about Chernobyl, a horrific event that occurred in my country in 1986, I was stunned. The event has fascinated me since I was very young, and I have always been drawn to the mysteries of radiation and the consequences it can inflict on society.
What occurred in Chernobyl was possibly the worst man-made disaster in human history. The events that followed were also a reflection of what my people - the Slavic people - have been dealing with for generations. Endless, unrelenting suffering, that consistently tests and hardens them. And much to my relief, this series does not only honor my heritage, but presents it in the most real, authentic possible light, with meticulous research given to every detail. It is clear from the first minutes on screen that it is a product of true love, research and respect for those who had to face this terrible tragedy. The monologue at the beginning of Episode 4, which I used to start the trailer, expresses this very clearly.
I had the honor of briefly meeting the show's creator, Craig Mazin, at the world premiere in New York and thanked him for being so truthful and sensitive to the subject matter, and transporting it so masterfully to television. Turns out I was not the only one who was taken with the quality of this series, as it currently holds the #1 TV rank of all time on IMDb, and the rest of the world clearly saw what I saw as well.

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