In the fall of 2017, I helped some friends shoot a Blade Runner fan-film produced in anticipation of the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner 2049. The fan-film was written and produced by Yoko Higuchi and starred Michael Evans and Shaquille Henry.
On set, I was the assistant camera to DP Shahin Alirkan (also the VFX supervisor). In post, I was responsible for the final cut of the film as well as doing much of the rotoscoping work for the VFX set replacement. I also coordinated with Ryan Merritt, the sound designer for the film, to produce and mix the soundtrack.
Although a simple effort on paper, the less-than-favorable conditions on set required a full recomposition of the set in post, complete ADR and a rebuild of the soundbed. It was a challenging but fun project and I hope you enjoy the result.

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